Company „Poschenrieder Executive Search and Management Consulting“

Poschenrieder is an independent German Executive Search and Management Consulting Company. We only accept projects for which we can ensure the required skills, experience and resources.
Since 1998, our company has been successful in services for our clients.
Experienced in the structures and processes of the European economy, we support national as well as international clients in their human resources investments within Germany as well as in Europe, e.g. Poland, Czech Republic, France, UK, Spain and Italy.
Services beyond the European borders, e.g. in the USA, are carried out in cooperation with other companies based on the same quality standards.
We advise companies of all sectors in their search for and selection of specialists and executives, support the design of corporate structures within human resources projects, e.g. teambuilding workshops, and provide a competent organizational consulting.
Through professional, systematic and consistent work, we find pragmatic and long-lasting solutions for our clients.

Mission & Principles

Confidential and reputable representation of our clients’ interests based on an explicit issued project.

Principally no simultaneous carrying out of similar projects for competing companies.

The client will always know the consultant in charge, so the consultant bidding for the project will be the one to perform the contract.

Consequent and individual consulting expertise and the passion to perform the orders with success, speed and spirit.

Commitment to obey the strict principles established for consultants regarding objectivity, integrity, thoroughness, discretion and systematic approaches.


Our consulting approach is to understand the concrete problem, so that we can offer a customized solution. We take the time the client needs to have the certainty that he has chosen the suitable consultancy. We bet on trustful cooperation and therewith continuity. With our fields of services, Human Resources Consulting and Management Consulting, we support our clients with their whole HR projects, so that they have at all time the security to be consulted at a high quality level.

Human Resources Consulting

We are an European focused and independent Executive Search and Management Consulting company working across all industries and sectors. We are available for our clients with expertise and market knowledge regarding the filling of vacancies with a clear structured process flow. At the beginning of every search project particular attention is laid on the definition of the level of difficulty of the position to fill so that we can determined the timeframe of the process – whereupon our client can base his further planning. This results in the following range of services:

Executive / Direct Search

  We develop an appropriate search strategy based on the profile requirements which have been determined jointly with the client. The market is addressed discreetly and professionally by a project team. Our competence lies in our experienced assessment of the selected candidates, who are presented in the time period defined.

Job Ad-Supported Search

We carry out the design of the content of the job ad after choosing the appropriate medium. Our team takes care of all administrative details. Our search through job ads includes the administrative support and telephone contact with potential candidates. Potential candidates are interviewed and evaluated according to the requirements of the client. Only the best candidates are presented to the client.

Management Consulting

In our business segment Management Consulting, we subsume all topics regarding HR, which a client can expect from us as a professional consultancy. Coaching measures, which are developed for the demands of the client, will lead to the desired or defined success.

In the field of the organizational consultancy we evaluate the structure of a company with the goal to develop and implement the required improvements within a prompt timeframe. Regarding to this our range of services expands to the following fields:

Management Consulting

This segment of consulting concentrates on the conceptional support of management by setting up new organizational structures, for change management or through development of strategies for human resources. We also conduct workshops for restructuring and strategy sessions.
In this segment a special working field is company succession. In this field, we support companies, especially medium-sized companies, regarding their search for a candidate with an entrepreneurial personality and a high fit to the particular company culture who ensures sustainably the continued existence of the company.

Human Resources Consulting

Special issues particular to a client, e.g. the preparing of personnel for management positions, outplacements or changing management behavior are handled in tailor-made coaching sessions. Evaluation systems, the assessment of the working climate, communication analyses or the conception of systematic personnel development are further topics, that are dealt with within this segment of consulting.


Our founder and CEO has an academic background (diploma in economics plus MBA). In addition, he has gained management experience as a Director of Human Resources and as a General Manager in consulting and in service, trade and manufacturing industry for many years.

His entrepreneurial, reputable, objective and reliable personality shapes our company in every aspect.

The competent and efficient team of well-experienced project managers, researchers and assistants guarantees the success at the client and builds up a solid basis for a long-lasting and confident cooperation.

For Candidates


Within the scope of our multi-stage process, you can expect a professional, discreet and individual supervision by our experienced consulting team. Aside from first telephone conversations, a personal meeting is part of the process. So much time must be available! Please do not hesitate to ask us for further questions regarding the process!

Data Protection

We take data protection seriously! We do not pass your documents to our clients until we get your agreement. We always work project-related and attach importance to high quality and individualism. Regardless of the legal requirements: Take in consideration that our clients expect an excellent service and tailor-made profiles – this is only possible with candidates who are convinced by the vacancy and are interested in further conversations.


Whether specialist, manager or generalist – we are the right partner! We supervise our clients regarding all departments and this is the reason why we offer various career opportunities. We are your partner whether for juniors with first years of job experience as well as for experienced managers. Our experience of the last years has shown that various combinations of for example economic and technical expertise are in strong demand. Therefore, we are always searching for “uncommon” profiles. Get in contact with us and we check whether we have a suitable position in our portfolio.

Candidate Training

All services within our order-related searches are free of charge for you. Beyond we offer the opportunity to book an individual candidate training which will put you in the position to prepare yourself for a job application process with professional application documents and a targeted job interview simulation. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will arrange an individual offer for you.