Human Resources Marketing of Hidden Champions in Germany

One term, which is discussed repeatedly in many expert discussions and is generally discussed in the labor market, is the lack of specialists. Among other things, it is traced back to the falling birth rate since the year 1985 and the thereof resulting demographic change. The decline of births and the shift of the age … Read More

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Company Succession

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have a huge economic importance in Germany. SMEs are often owner-managed and partly for many generations. However, what happens if the owner retires, dies or hands over the management of the company due to other reasons? The topic of this article is to highlight several aspects of company succession … Read More

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Internet of things

Internet of things belongs to one of the significant trends of the technology industry. Not only computers or smartphones are connected with the internet but also cars, electrical household appliances or industrial machinery. The networking of the industry is often called “Industry 4.0”. Machines are equipped with sensors, which deliver enormous amounts of data. The … Read More

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